Eight reasons why it’s great to be a twenty-something female in 2014

After last weeks ‘glass half empty’ rant fuelled blog, I feel it’s more important than ever to spread some positivity. This particular post is inspired from last weeks commute to work where I made it my priority to everyday, sit and think of a reason why it’s great to be alive. Sometimes, when you’re cramped up against a sweating beast of a woman with egg down her chin you’ve gotta think of just one reason why you’re lucky to be a twenty-something female in 2014. So here goes…

1) The feeling of taking your bra off at the end of each day
I beg of you, please, tell me one moment in your day that is better than the release of your nunga nungas from the vice of your bra? It’s that split second moment we all wait for at the end of the day, sometimes we keep our bra on that little bit longer to appreciate even more how bloody good it feels to take it off. At the weekend I often go native and spend 48-hours inside with no bra insight, often knocking myself out to run to the door to greet the delivery man with my curry, but sometimes for a treat, I strap them in just for one hour so I can enjoy that feeling. It’s one of those special feelings a man will never be able to experience, like giving birth to a child, only better.

2) The fact lower heels are back in fashion
Now I have always, always been a lover of heels. What’s not to love? A beautiful pair of heels can give you more confidence than any other item of clothing, they lift your butt, lengthen your legs and most importantly that ‘clip-clop’ sound gives you a sense of power, confidence and femininity that can for five minutes make you feel like you’re walking down your very own “I look fabulous tonight” catwalk. BUT for someone who is 5’7 with a group of friends who barely reach my armpit, the last few years of shoe fashion fuelled by tottering 6 inch heels have given me an ora of intimidation rather than attraction on a night out. There is nothing un-sexier than hovering over everyone and having to crouch down to order a drink. So it’s wonderful that lower heels are now paving the way in fashion, gone are the days of Alexander McQueen esque heels filling the shelves of New Look and Topshop, instead high-street stores such as Whistles and French Connection are following the likes of Chanel, Prada and Tom Ford who have lowered their heels yet added height to the expectations of women like me everywhere who can now last the night and look more fabulous and less frightening.

3) Beyonce
Do I really need to say more? Keep paving the way girl, keep paving.

4) Feminism
Five years ago, if you or I had uttered the words feminism it’s likely we would have been chased away with by a swarm of angry people brandishing pitchforks, screaming words like “bitch”, “bra burning lesbo” and “get back to the kitchen”. Today however it seems everyone is talking about feminism, and not under hushed tones and behind closed doors, instead people are really TALKING about it. And it’s not just the big leagues like Oprah, Ellen and Beyonce (you know they’re in the big leagues when they only need one name) it just seem to be a topic of conversation everywhere, and a positive one too. Something is happening with the word feminism, it seems to be going through a transition. It’s not just about equal rights and equal pay anymore, feminism covers such a wide array of topics; sexuality, freedom, choice, opinion; us girls now have more power than ever before over the choices and decisions we make. We are no longer talking about “having the right” to do something, because now we “have the right”. Every so often a topic comes along, like gay marriage or immigration thats gets everyone talking from politicians to movie stars to the person next door, and right now it’s feminism. Bloody brilliant!

5) Hats
On a slightly less political topic than the previous, I’m really happy that hats of all shapes and sizes seem to be ‘in’ right now. I know hats have always been ‘in’ but, I don’t know about you I think there’s a lot of confidence needed to pull of a hat. For some reason they always look fabulous and effortless on celebrities and in the pages of fashion magazines but it seems as soon as I try a fedora on in a shop I look more like John Wayne than Millie Mackintosh. But as it’s 2014 and everyone seems to be doing it, I’m embracing the hat. I love them and I’ve been told I suit them so I’m just going for it, berets, fedoras, bobble hats – bring it on. Flat caps however, I’ll steer clear from. Flat cap and a northern accent in London? I think not.

6) Chocolate milk after exercise
Now I’m one of those gals who will go through phases of loving exercise followed by six months of hating it. If I really get into the gym I love it and I’m addicted but if I have one of those horrific boxercise sessions and I can’t move for three days after, I struggle to get back into… six months later I’m still yet to join a gym down south. However, a few weeks ago I was informed of news so wonderful I wanted to dig out my Decathlon gym gear from the back of my wardrobe and hit the treadmill. It’s been scientifically proven that the best thing to do after an intensive work out is, not to stretch out in an array of embarrassing  positions in front of the weights area, no, it’s to drink a low fat chocolate milk. I didn’t listen to the scientific reasons why, I was too excited by the prospect of drinking a Yazoo after a run, but this is what the experts at Harvard are now doing. A good enough reason to get down to the gym ey?

7) Rucksacks
Now like the heels I mentioned earlier, I am a lover of bags. But when you work in London where a packed lunch, book/kindle, Metro, cosmetics bag (you need it after a commute), Filofax, Quaker oats sachet, dry shampoo and a coat for all seasons are every day essentials you can often feel like you’re carrying a small person around on one shoulder. It’s an every day occurrence to arrive home each day with half my shoulder gauged out by my favourite handbag, so you can only imagine my delight when the likes of Louis Vuitton, Mui Mui and Chanel filled their catwalks with rucksacks in their A/W and S/S shows. The lovely Cara Delevingne is rarely seen without one, it’s currently the most wanted on my endless wish list. I can’t wait to buy one and re-live my Year 7 rucksack wearing glory days before Jane Norman shoulder bags became the only acceptable way of carrying 17 textbooks to school each day.

8) Reading glossy magazines = intelligence instead of ignorance.
For this moment to be best explained it’s crucial to re-live an important moment in my life. When I started studying at Kingston University I initially started out on a combined course of Journalism with Creative Writing. On arrival at my first seminar I arrived with confidence that my incredibly varied literary tastes would be embraced by my lecturer and course mates.  This naive assumption was quickly crushed by a Gant wearing, bouffant haired, Chaucer reading A-hole who laughed in my face when the topic of discussion “Who and what do you like to read” came to me: “I enjoy reading a wide range of literature, To Kill a Mockingbird is my favourite book, however I also love J.K Rowling and reading Cosmopolitan”. Met by a multitude of “huh?” and “who is this idiot” self expressions you can only imagine how quickly I begged my journalism lecturer to change to full journalism. I still remain angry with myself for doing so. I LOVE to read, it’s my greatest passion, so to be turned off studying the art of creative writing but a room full of toffs seems ridiculous. I wish I could see them all now, because it appears that the times have changed. Glossy magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Clare and Glamour, which were once see as materialistic, girlish nonsense read only by bimbos are now held in incredibly high regard all over the world. These magazines publish fantastic articles covering a whole scope of things, from FGM to eating disorders to feminism to breaking the glass ceiling, issues which we all treat seriously. What’s funny is these magazines haven’t changed the content they produce, they’ve always covered such issues. It’s another example, like feminism, where attitudes towards women have changed. These glossy magazines have stamped their authority on the world and now finally, get the recognition they deserve.

I’m sure, as it’s Monday tomorrow many of you will be thinking of reasons why it’s rubbish we work all the time and be baffled as to where the weekend goes (if you find out let me know) so for now, just have a quick think, why is it great instead of every other person in the world, you are you. Now take that bra off!


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