Success vs Happiness

Stepping stones

Two years go, if you said to me a conversation with my boyfriend would have been the catalyst behind a blog post I would have laughed in your face. This blog was originally launched as an outlet for my cynical, un-romantic, rant infused, single self. How the times have changed…

Last night during my weekly Sunday night breakdown, fuelled by an on-going lack of self worth, my boyfriend Joe showed me something that overturned a thought process that’s been determining my life for as long as I can remember, have a look: 

The message behind the short video entitled Music & Life is one that completely resonates with me. We are told from an early age by our teachers, parents, guardians, mentors, everyone, to strive for success. It’s drilled into us so much that we believe reaching success is our one goal in life and the one thing that can make us truly happy.

All the messages behind this video got me thinking, how much time in my life do I dedicate to striving for success, and have I ever sat and thought about how unhappy this makes me? Every day, other people’s successes are rammed down our throats they don’t even have to be work related in fact it’s often they’re not. How often do you meet up with your friends and merely wait your turn to brag about how fabulous your life is, or more often how shit it is? It seems we now often compete with our friends over who has the most miserable existence. And when we’ve left our friends we then log onto social media, which is a whole different ball game. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – are they really digital tools that allow us to connect with friends and family all over the world? No, they’re online platforms that allow you to glamourize your successes, brag to friends, and show off. I’m guilty of it too I assure you! But how often has somebody bought you a wonderful gift or you’ve visited a beautiful city and instead of taking it all in you instead immediately upload an image to Instagram, missing the sheer beauty of that experience whilst you’re deciding which filter makes it look the most fabulous. Then there’s LinkedIn the oracle of unhappiness: This person’s got this new job, and that persons got this promotion, ‘hey, congratulate so and so on reaching one year in their fabulous job you wanted’. Social media is becoming an endless charade of everybody else’s success and its making me unhappy.

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