Since when did life get so disappointing?

I am constantly on the lookout for ideas for this blog. I look for inspiration everywhere; conversations on the underground, magazine articles, discussions with friends, social media, the list goes on.

The aim of these posts is always to get people thinking; yet more often than not I treat them like a diary entry, often spilling words from my head onto a page with no clear thought process involved. I just simply write what I’m thinking and hope others like it.

After my last post, Success v Happiness was so well received (thank you again), I really felt the pressure for this one. I guess that’s why I felt the need to dig deep and get personal again, covering a topic that so many of us feel a lot of the time, disappointment.

I promise there will be no violin strings involved, instead I want to look back on why so many of us are so disappointed these days. Back in school I can’t remember feeling really disappointed – there were times when I didn’t reach certain goals or milestones, not getting the lead in Bugsy Malone still cuts me deep now and again, but overall when I was at school I was pretty content with how my life was panning out. Look at friends for example, how often do you plan to meet for a drink only to receive a text message as you’re walking out the front door “Sorry babe I can’t make it tonight, I’m shattered and I’ve got loads to do” – how disappointing. Back in school however this just never happened. We all couldn’t get enough of each other, we walked to school together, got told off in class for gossiping together, then there was the slow walk home together followed by and hour long conversation on the phone and my favourite pastime, using the dial up internet to chat on MSN for hours – us girls just wanted to spend every minute together. But now everyone is letting life get in the way of spending genuine time together. Of course it’s so much easier to go straight home after work, instead of travelling 30 minutes going the wrong way on the central line for a quick coffee, but as friends we need each other more than ever, and we are all disappointing each other out of sheer laziness.

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