Life without wheat

Wheat Free

If you read my post, ’10 things I learnt on holiday’ you’ll know that I realised on my jollies that I’m 99.9% sure I’m wheat intolerant. Sob sob sob. I came back from Greece after eating 1000 tonnes of pitta bread and decided that I needed to regain control of my gut. Now I am one of these gals who makes ridiculous life changing promises at least once a month: At the beginning of the year I vowed to give up meat for a year, I found myself scoffing down a chicken pie in March, I also took part in Dry January until I met up with my friend on the 5th and enjoyed 2+ bottles of white wine. I’ve also given up carbs, sugar, fizzy drinks, chocolate, basically everything that is delicious. But, for over 5 weeks now I’m proud to say I’ve remained true to my wheat free promise. Okay, I’ve buckled once. I devoured a KFC family bucket with my boyfriend, but I had just landed a brand new super-duper job so I gave myself a treat. It resulted in an agonising stomach ache and a thirst that lasted 3 days and couldn’t be ridden despite drinking gallons of water. But it was worth it. Mainly because it reminded that chicken coated in breadcrumbs is a no no for my sensitive stomach.
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Generation Y so tough?

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post for my blog. I’ve been penning ideas for a while and I’ve now got a long list of posts that I need to get down to writing. But with a 9-5 job, a 1 hour commute on either side of that 9-5 job, a second job working for the, a flat to up-keep and lots of much needed exercise to keep up with I often find, unfortunately my own blog often comes at the end of my very long to do list. Did I mention I’m trying to write a book too?

I originally planned to pitch this post idea to my editor at, as the readership of the this popular online newspaper is primarily of the Generation Y age bracket. But I decided to keep this one to myself. I wanted to unfurl my thoughts into a post without having to keep a word count in mind or watch my words. Therefore I probably won’t reach a wide audience and get many shares but it will have the Mary Olivia Hickey stamp I think it needs to do it justice.

I want to talk about the woes of Generation Y, if you’re reading this from my Facebook page you are probably a member of Generation Y whether you know it or not. Just in case you needed to know, The Oxford Dictionary defines Generation Y as:

“The generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, comprising primarily the children of the baby boomers and typically perceived as increasingly familiar with digital and electronic technology.”

Basically, you’re a twenty-something person who’s likely to be on Twitter.

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