Life without wheat

Wheat Free

If you read my post, ’10 things I learnt on holiday’ you’ll know that I realised on my jollies that I’m 99.9% sure I’m wheat intolerant. Sob sob sob. I came back from Greece after eating 1000 tonnes of pitta bread and decided that I needed to regain control of my gut. Now I am one of these gals who makes ridiculous life changing promises at least once a month: At the beginning of the year I vowed to give up meat for a year, I found myself scoffing down a chicken pie in March, I also took part in Dry January until I met up with my friend on the 5th and enjoyed 2+ bottles of white wine. I’ve also given up carbs, sugar, fizzy drinks, chocolate, basically everything that is delicious. But, for over 5 weeks now I’m proud to say I’ve remained true to my wheat free promise. Okay, I’ve buckled once. I devoured a KFC family bucket with my boyfriend, but I had just landed a brand new super-duper job so I gave myself a treat. It resulted in an agonising stomach ache and a thirst that lasted 3 days and couldn’t be ridden despite drinking gallons of water. But it was worth it. Mainly because it reminded that chicken coated in breadcrumbs is a no no for my sensitive stomach.

Five weeks on an I am pleased to say that giving up wheat has well and truly changed my life. The weight loss hasn’t kicked in just yet, but I just feel much much better. I have non of the that post feed bloat, I wake up each morning with much more energy and I am actually beginning to enjoy food again rather than resenting it for make me feel like Mr Blobby for several hours after eating every meal. Now I promise I’m not preaching to the masses to join me in my wheat free ways. This isn’t Goop! But if like me 5 weeks ago you’re feeling exhausted pretty much all the time, sluggish after eating and bloated whenever you enjoy a bowl of Weetabix then I would recommend you just try a week without wheat. With every pro there are of course a few cons. I’ve listed them below:


– No belly boat after eating so you can look just like Michelle Kegan in a bodycon. (Well kind of)
– You’ll jump out of bed each morning just like the boy in the Kellogs advert.
– SOME wheat free alternatives are delicious, I would highly recommend Pizza Express’s gluten free brownie and NAKD bars. Doves Farm also has a great range of wheat free alternatives including baking ingredients.
– You will loose weight without having to give up chocolate.
– Most variety of Kettle Crisps are gluten free.
– Unlike most diets you won’t actually miss wheat. Just give it 2 weeks and the smell of toasted bagels won’t entice you, I promise!
– You’ll discover lots of yummy food, particularly when eating out you’ll try things you never would before off the menu.


-Many alternatives taste like wet cardboard. The only wheat free bread I’ve found that I actually enjoy is from M&S. And who can actually afford M&S food?
– As I just mentioned, there are wheat free alternatives but they are very pricey so make sure it’s definitely something you want to do before you stock up.
– Your bowels will become much more frequent, not great when your work toilet is shared by 10 offices.
– No beer. I miss beer.
– Social occasions or work meetings when biscuits are offered round. Because nobody in the world buys wheat free biscuits apart from you. I always make sure I have a wheat free snack in my bag, just in case.

Without going all Gwyneth Paltrow on y’all I will be posting more about my wheat free life. Mainly because it motivates me and also because I’ve read some of the best advice from blogs and online forums.

If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them, and I will Tweeting, Instagramming and blogging as I go.


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