Beauty & Me: What’s in my makeup collection?

Makeup & Me
I have always loved makeup. Some of my earliest childhood memories are watching my mum apply her makeup. Clarins and Chanel have always been her go to brands and she of course passed this love affair on to me and my older sister. Despite my love for beauty products, like so many things, I lack confidence. In both applying and wearing makeup I have little skill however, I am quickly learning after becoming obsessed with beauty vlogs, blogs and online beauty tutorials.

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Highs of the week #3

Highs of the week #3

So last week I was struck down with the common cold. It seems everyone on my morning commute is sneezing, coughing and spreading around their germs. It’s really hard to recover from an illness in London compared to when I lived in the North. I should have added that to my most recent article for Metro Online.

So it seems there is a bit of a theme to my highs this week. There’s a few things that have been making me feel and look much better (you just look vile when you’re ill don’t you?) three things to make my home cosier, a little treat to brighten up my daily commute and a furry bundle of joy who has been giving me lots of hugs and kisses this week…

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To vlog or not to vlog

To vlog or not to vlog? A thought I can’t seem to get out of my head at the moment, I’m sure there are many other amateur bloggers out there who are asking themselves the same question. In case you don’t know, vlogging is basically recording your day to day activities on a camera and publishing them on your blog.

Vloggers are often YouTube pros and have already been uploading videos of themselves for years, more often that not, showing their loyal fans how to perfect contouring and reviewing the latest beauty products. Vlogging is big news at the moment. Hundreds of twenty-somethings are making thousands of pounds and working full time as YouTubers and Vloggers.

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Highs of the week #2

Highs of the week #2

So it seems November is going ridiculously fast. It feels like just yesterday I was writing Highs of the week #1.

I’ve been researching lots of goodies online this week trying to get some inspiration for Christmas gifts and what I should actually ask Santa (my mum) for. There are so dreamy things around at the moment, I’m particularly obsessed with homeware and anything Whistles related at the moment. Here is what else I’ve been loving this week:

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30 things that happen when you move in with your boyfriend: The sequel


Because you learn so much more one year in.

1. That little job of theirs, putting the bins out once a week, will soon become one of your least favourite past times. Well leaving for work covered in bin juice and egg shell remnants is always a winner isn’t it?

2. That £10 bottle of Sanctuary Luxury Bath Foam will go down a lot quicker than you thought because apparently it makes their skin oh so soft.

3. Tackling brown stains on the bottom of the toilet will becoming your least favourite routine on a Saturday.

4. They will know your period cycle better than you and casually book in a weekend and evenings with the lads during your ‘dark time’.

5. You will ring them in hysterics every time Netflix is ‘currently unavailable’.

6. Your Sky bill will slowly start to increase and you’ll find that little gem of a channel, BT Sport, has creeped into your TV listings. Now how did that get there?

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