5 ways to beat the Monday blues

1. Achieve something early 

Monday mornings are always a challenge. For many of us we are still in ‘weekend mode’ so it’s often hard to get motivated. Much of my Monday is spent reading emails and catching up on the last two days so I often feel by lunchtime that I haven’t really achieved anything. Over the past few weeks I have been setting myself small, achievable tasks that I can complete and tick off before I start my working day. It can be something simple as putting the bins out or putting a load of laundry on. I’m currently writing a weekly review of the X Factor Sunday results show for Metro Online so I often wake up early on a Monday to write and file my article. I’m also going to start running Monday mornings too.

2. Spend Sunday evening relaxing 

Sunday evenings are supposed to be spent relaxing and enjoying the last few hours of your weekend, but so often I spend Sunday evenings mentally preparing for the working week ahead. I like to prepare for Monday early on Sunday, so I pack my work bag, make my lunch and choose my outfit so I don’t have to think about Monday until Monday morning. I spend my Sunday evenings surrounded by fashion and interior magazines, good TV and often indulge in some pampering.

3. Have an early night 

I don’t know about you by my mind goes into complete overdrive from 9pm on Sundays. Over the last few months I’ve made a real effort to avoid social media Sunday evenings just to avoid any un-needed anxiety or stress. I also avoid eating a heavy meal 3 hours before bedtime and actually get into bed at 10pm (after Downton) and read my book.

4. Be organised 

Whilst I don’t condone doing anything work related at the weekend I do find it very useful to add tasks that pop into my head to my to-do-list for the week ahead. I always include both work and non work related tasks to break up my week I have a weakness for pretty stationary so I always carry round a little notebook filled with lists and I can’t tell you the satisfaction I find in ticking off tasks. I often write the majority of my to-do-list on Friday PM before I leave work so that I don’t have to think about the tasks again until Monday. I find organisation is the perfect way to combat stress and anxiety and always find Mondays are more productive and enjoyable with a lists of tasks to do in front of me.

5. Use your time wisely 

This may sound a little ridiculous but as Monday mornings are always so hideous, especially when commuting in London, I make sure that I have times to look forward to throughout the day. I always eat my breakfast when I get into the office so I have something to look forward to when I get to work, FYI breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I also make sure I get out of the office at lunchtime for at least 30 minutes and plan something fun on Monday evenings. At the moment my boyfriend works weekends and has Mondays off so we often have a date night on Monday, either cooking a meal together, going to the cinema or eating out. Have something to look forward to in the evening always improves my Mondays.


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