Highs of the week #2

Highs of the week #2

So it seems November is going ridiculously fast. It feels like just yesterday I was writing Highs of the week #1.

I’ve been researching lots of goodies online this week trying to get some inspiration for Christmas gifts and what I should actually ask Santa (my mum) for. There are so dreamy things around at the moment, I’m particularly obsessed with homeware and anything Whistles related at the moment. Here is what else I’ve been loving this week:

I’m loving my Whistles hat. It’s my favourite colour, navy and made of mohair which is heavenly on my skin. I often struggle with woolly hats as so many materials irritate my skin but this one is a dream. It’s pricey for a bobble hat, but I bought it with my Elle discount card. I wore it to watch the fireworks last week and it’s super toasty. You can buy one yourself here.

I’m still reading and loving Game of Thrones, but I’m also spending my commute immersed in Christmas magazines. I am an avid magazine reader and buy at least 2 a month, in November I go overboard for the Christmas focused publications. I love planning my future home with Ideal Home and my future wardrobe with Vogue (Joe has bought me the Christmas special for the last two years, I hope it becomes a festive habit).

This week I bought the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation & Concealer combo. Now I’ve been a loyal Chanel foundation wearer for the past few years, even during my University days. But I thought I’d try something a little cheaper (and the Boots in Brentwood doesn’t stock Chanel #middleclassproblems). I had such a wonderful experience with the No7 expert in Boots, I had a full makeover and a consulation about my oily and belmish prone skin after a Match Made Service she recommend this and it’s perfect, honestly. The packaging isn’t as pretty as Chanel but the coverage and staying power is 10/10. I’m so happy with it and had heaps of compliments. I opted for the liquid foundation in the colour Cool Beige.

I’m wearing my new Nike Roshe trainers. I’ve worn them every day since I bought them and they are my new favourite shoes. So I’ve heard everyone is wearing them but I can actually see why with these, I love teaming them with my skinny black jeans, a cozy knit and my Whistles coat. The only problem is I now want more pairs in all the colours of the rainbow! Buy a pair yourself here. (Warning: They are sold out pretty much every where at the moment so get buying if you want a pair before Christmas).

Have a good week x


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