To vlog or not to vlog

To vlog or not to vlog? A thought I can’t seem to get out of my head at the moment, I’m sure there are many other amateur bloggers out there who are asking themselves the same question. In case you don’t know, vlogging is basically recording your day to day activities on a camera and publishing them on your blog.

Vloggers are often YouTube pros and have already been uploading videos of themselves for years, more often that not, showing their loyal fans how to perfect contouring and reviewing the latest beauty products. Vlogging is big news at the moment. Hundreds of twenty-somethings are making thousands of pounds and working full time as YouTubers and Vloggers.

Two of my favourites are Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup, two friends who are most definitely makeup goddesses. I’ve learnt more beauty tips from this duo in the last month than I have in all the rest of my twenty-four years. As well as running successful blogs and YouTube channels they are also weekly vloggers and upload short videos each week of their life. And there lives look incredible. I am quite honestly obsessed with their vlogs, but I also find the whole thing a bit rude sometimes, on my part not theirs, it all seems so personal that at times I think I shouldn’t be looking around their bedroom, fridge and love lives, which I do every week when they upload their vlog.

Zoella, another vlogger is most definitely the Queen of the UK vlogging scene. She has over 6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, she is constantly in the press, has her own beauty range and a book coming out in just a few days, 25th November to be exact. What started off as a bedroom hobby when she was unemployed is now a seriously successful career. A little bird told me she charges around £20,000 a month for an add to appear on her blog. That’s what most twenty-somethings earn in one year. Wowzers. Yes I’m older than her average audience age and she is a little too squeaky clean for me, but I’ve got to give it to her. What a woman.

So the question for me is. Do I want to be a part of the vlogging club? I’m just not sure. For starters it would take me years to get any where near the subscribes these full-timers have. Many are experts in something, for Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivanna Does Makeup it’s clearly their style and makeup expertise, Zoella just makes people smile and clearly knows her teen audience inside out. I’m still learning how to apply foundation without tide marks and I’m often too exhausted to make my boyfriend smile at the end of the day never mind millions of viewers.

My website is slowly but surely starting to grow in followers and viewers and I’m learning lots about what audiences want from my freelance work at Metro Online. I know that eventually I want to make blogging, freelancing and writing my full time career. I want my own home study, a publishing deal and a weekly column in the Observer Magazine however I also know that to do this I’m going to have to work a lot harder. I work full time at a production company in the middle of London, arriving back in Essex each evening, sitting down to write a blog post is sometimes the last thing I want to do. And uploading YouTube videos and Vlogs, well I dread that even more.

I can just imagine working tirelessly editing a video, which fyi I’m actually okay at, and then just 3 people watching it. And anyway when I think about my day to day activities they are pretty dull, it would probably just be 12 minutes of me commuting on the central line, not going to the gym and getting into bed at 9pm every night with my book. But maybe I just need to go for it. Personally I think listicles, you know all those things I write for Metro Online, and Buzzfeed articles are kind of old now. I think watching video content is quickly become the new way millions choose to spend their time online. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup has admitted that she once reviewed a set of makeup brushes for her YouTube channel, the next day the product sold out across the UK. Now that’s marketing for you. Just think to yourself now, when you want to understand or learn something whether it be cooking banana bread or curling your hair with a hair wand do you read an article or watch a video tutorial? I’m guessing it’s the later. So as a journalist I want to be apart of that trend and get ahead before EVERYONE starts doing it, but and this is a big but I also just don’t feel quite ready to let everyone in yet. Despite my talkative nature, personal blogging and addiction to social media I am actually quite a private person and there are some things I just do not want to share with potentially hundreds of people. I’m very sensitive and other people’s opinions massively affect me and uploading a video of my life each week, well that’s just asking for it isn’t it?

Hmm this blog post is just as undecided as me. Maybe I need to weigh up the pros and cons.

Pros of Vlogging/YouTubing:

  • Possibly thousands of pounds to be made.
  • I could potentially go into full time blogging mode if enough people watch/read my content. (Hello commute free life).
  • Free products galore.
  • Global press trips. (Wishful thinking?)
  • Reaching and inspiring audiences. (When I got feedback that I’d helped someone with psoriasis after publishing Psoriasis & Me it honestly made my year.)
  • I could actually put the Broadcast PGD I hated so much into good use, I’m quite nifty with IMovie and Final Cut Pro.
  • Different content for my blog.
  • My boyfriend made this video last year and it’s so magical to look back and remember life, perhaps Vlogging could do the same for me.

Cons of Vlogging/YouTubing:

  • The trolling would rocket, I’ve already been called a ‘whore’ ‘fat Metro slag’ and a ‘Northern cow’ after publishing content online, filming my life would only give the idiots more material to crucify.
  • My life is actually very dull (I like it this way btw).
  • I’d loose a lot of my privacy.
  • If it were to go the opposite way to trolling and I got loads of obsessive fans I’d be equally as terrified as I hate big crowds and whenever people get too obsessed (we’ve all had a crazy ex before).
  • It’s very time and energy consuming, I still don’t know if I actually have time to film, edit and upload videos each week.
  • The likelihood of just my mother watching my vlogs then commenting that I look ‘peaky’ is high.
  • The judgement of others.

Maybe I just need to film a pilot and see what happens ey?


5 thoughts on “To vlog or not to vlog

  1. Annie Orange says:

    Interesting blog. My blog is nowhere near as big but I have been playing with the thought too. It seems like great fun and it’s yet another medium to share and tell stories. However I also find it daunting if I look at how professional vlogs nowadays look! And I am also struggling with the “loss of privacy” and the trolling issue. Though I am kinda thinking vlogs might be the way forward, and might even become the norm in the future, with blogs taking a backseat. Goodluck!

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