Beauty & Me: What’s in my makeup collection?

Makeup & Me
I have always loved makeup. Some of my earliest childhood memories are watching my mum apply her makeup. Clarins and Chanel have always been her go to brands and she of course passed this love affair on to me and my older sister. Despite my love for beauty products, like so many things, I lack confidence. In both applying and wearing makeup I have little skill however, I am quickly learning after becoming obsessed with beauty vlogs, blogs and online beauty tutorials.

My lack of skill in applying and wearing makeup, particularly in the bold lip and smokey eyeshadow department is evident in my collection. I stick to nude eyeshadow palettes and only wear colour on my eyes when I’m going ‘out out’ I do have an Avon Luxe Palette growing dust in the back of my Muji Acrylic Box Drawers but I’ve promised myself to use it more during the festive period.
I don’t actually own a bold lip, crazy I know. I have dabbled a bit with reds and do like the look but I often take it off before I leave to go out. I just feel too ‘look at me everyone’ but it looks so chic on other women so I need to get over the fear. I’ve got my eye on a few Charlotte Tilbury numbers and I’ve heard a lipstick/lip liner combo is the move so I’m hoping one or two will feature in my Christmas stoking. (Hint, hint if you’re this reading Joe).
What I lack in lipstick I make up for in lip balms, I buy on average one a month. I just can’t help it. My go to is always Carmex but I also love Neals Yard products and Palmers Coco Butter Formula. If I ever want to jazz up my lips a little I opt for one of my nude Lancome Juicy Tubes which I’ve been wearing for about 10 years. Buying my first Juicy Tube was definitely the first ‘grown up’ piece of makeup I ever wore and I still love them today.
For eyes I’ve stuck to the same routine since I was 13/14 Lancome Mascara and Lancome Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner. I skipped the Collection 2000 era and went straight to the Lancome counter, I probably bought them along with my Juicy Tubes and Miracle perfume back in 2013. I often buy a double set of the mascaras and they last me for months, one always features in my stocking at Christmas too. I’ve dabbled in other mascaras before but they never give me the same effect. I’m lucky to have long lashes so I always just go for volume. After years wearing black kohl liner I now wear brown, I like a natural look and I find black liner often washes me out too much.
So thats lips and eyes covered and yes I can imagine you’re yawning but for face I get a bit more exciting…
Now this product probably isn’t used as a primer by many people apart from me and my mum, but for me it works perfectly. The first step in my makeup routine is always applying Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, it brightens and tightens and makes applying makeup a dream. I just use my fingers to apply primer and EcoTools Natural Makeup Brushers for everything else. I wash them weekly and use a shampoo and tiny bit of Dettol to remove all traces of bacteria. (Last month I used bleach by accident and forgot to rinse them and burnt a layer of my face off but I think I will save this story for another post).
I have two foundations in my collection at the moment, the Chanel Perfection Lumiere in 50 beige is a wee bit too dark for me at the moment so right now I’m using No7 Beautifully Matte foundation and concealer in Cool Beige and I’m really impressed. They give great coverage and only a tiny bit of product is required. I then apply a powder, I’m currently using the Rimmel Match Perfection Compact in Classic Beige which ironically isn’t a perfect match for my skin. The formula is a little too cakey for my liking so I’m currently on the hunt for a translucent loose powder with staying powder (please post any recommendations below).
For bronzer I love love love the Chanel Bronze Universel Tan De Chanel but I’m currently using Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder I apply just a tiny bit on my jaw line, forehead and tops of my cheekbones (think two number 3 shapes on either side of my face). For blush I use the only blusher I have ever used, seriously. I’ve tried different colours but always the same type and that’s the Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush which I love and haven’t a single negative comment, okay the brush is too small, but it’s quite simply perfect. I’m currently using the shade 76 Frivole, I also love 82 Reflex.I f anyone can recommend a different blusher and I like it more I’ll give you my whole collection, promise.
Recently I’ve stepped into the world of slightly filling in my eyebrows. I still hate the ‘I can see you have drawn them on look‘ but I am filling out any gaps and brushing them through with a spoolie each morning. After recommendations from many beauty bloggers I’m using the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil and I do find better maintained brows frame my face much better.
As I mentioned earlier I store my makeup in the Muji Acrylic double drawers, I store my eyeliners, mascara and brushes in any used candle holders I have lying around (I refuse to throw any out so I have about 15).
Finally, perfume. My go to winter scent at the moment is the Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, I’m wearing this every day at the moment and get complimented everywhere I go. For special occasions I revert back to my favourite Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I do have a few more bottles which I love to wear at weekends, my favourite budget buy is Beyonce Heat.
So I hope you’ve enjoyed rummaging through my makeup collection, I’m sure a vlog would have been more suitable and exciting but as I said in To vlog or not to vlog I’m still undecided about bringing my northern ways to camera just yet!
I’m hoping to widen my makeup collection which after writing this is look a little thin so do let me know your favourites in the comment box below.

Chanel fragrance

Fruity floral perfume
$49 –

Clarins face care
$31 –

Clinique eyeshadow
$44 –

Lancôme brown mascara

Powder brush
$31 –

Lancôme lips makeup

Lancôme lip gloss
$23 –

Matte foundation
$21 –

Pencil makeup brush
$13 –

Rimmel face powder
$9.45 –

Diptyque black candle
$63 –


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