Highs of the week #6

This past week has been an emotional one for me. My hormones have been in full on cray cray mode and a few personal matters have had me on a roller-coaster of tears, anxiety and exhaustion. I’ve consumed a little too much wine and my psoriasis is super angry, I look like I’ve been stood in a snow globe for several hours. Oh well, Christmas is coming and I’ve told myself to snap out of my mood and get back into the festive spirit I had all through October and November, maybe I festively peaked too early? So whilst I’ve been a wee bit blue over the last week a few things have stood out for me…

This week I’ve realised how important my best friends are. I’m lucky enough to have best friends all over the world and no matter how far away they are they make me feel special. I’ve mentioned a few times already in my blog that over the last month I’ve realised who my true friends are. Yes, I’ve got history and memories with people but I have absolutely no time for snide comments or bitchiness. It’s so refreshing to have a core group of gals I can depend on and this week they’ve really outdone themselves.

On Thursday, Oliver Bonas sent me a beautiful Bluebell and Hyacinth candle. It’s not a scent I would usually go for as I often opt for warmer notes such as vanilla and cinnamon, but this, I actually love. It’s a crisp, clean smell with very floral tones. It’s a very subtle scent and I’m looking forward to using it in one of my weekly pamper nights next week.

I have a confession to make. I’m 24 and I have never owned a Christmas jumper. Shameful I know, especially for someone who loves Christmas so much. I’m VERY picky when it comes to jumpers, I like wool, cashmere, cotton and that’s about it. Synthetic materials make me sweat, shrink in the wash and seriously irritate my skin. Therefore, I often spend quite a bit of money on knitwear, so if I’m buying a jumper I have to LOVE it. But this year I made an exception with this Dorothy Perkins number. I’ve got lots of Christmassy events coming up over the next week and will be wearing this dream with my new red lipstick (seriously stepping out the comfort zone this week!)

This week I am loving my new Liz Earle cleanser, this featured on my Christmas Gift Guide, but you know I had to try and test it and now I love it too much to give away. (This has happened with 97% of the gifts, oops). I’ve been a bit fickle with skin care in 2014 I’ve tried so many products and routines, but I still haven’t found that one product that I can’t live without. So far I love this, cleanser and hot cloth combo, I’m going to see how I get on and report back next year.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that having festive nails is one of my favourite things about Christmas, when else can you get away with red sparklers? For this Christmas I went for something a little different, I chose a dark red, OPI ‘Got the blues for red’ on my base and just a dash of OPI ‘Comet in the Sky’ on my two ring fingers.

Lastly, against a backdrop of a really horrible this week, my Christmas Gift Guide was very well-received by my lovely readers this weekend. I’ve been hoping to step into the beauty world for a while on maryoliviahickey.com. I’ve been so nervous as I’m such a novice. I can’t contour, paint my nails or do smokey eyes, but I really do love beauty. I have so much fun buying and trying lots of products so I thought I’d just start sharing my beauty diary on my blog. I’ve just got one toe in the beauty blogging world at the moment, but I am hoping to get more involved in 2015 so stay tuned!

Have a good week and thank you for cheering me up this week readers x


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