Beauty & Me: Everyday Essentials


Late last year I shared what’s in my beauty collection with you and ya’ll seemed to enjoy it. Us girls just love exploring another girl’s beauty stash don’t we?

I always really enjoy reading/watching blogs/vlogs which invite you to snoop into a beauty box so I thought I’d share what’s in my every day beauty bag with you. My every day beauty bag contains all the essentials I need in my handbag. Whether I need to freshen up, add a bit of colour for after work drinks or cover up when I discover another spot has formed on my chin half way through my working day.

I like to keep my everyday essentials as minimal as possible. I don’t like to re-apply masacara or foundation, I’d rather take it all off and start over and that would require travelling around with a small suitcase.

Instead I just carry around my trusty essentials. I apply lip balm 80 times a day so there’s always a few lip balms rolling around, I travel into London via tube and often feel in need of a full body chemical peel to rid myself off dirt after commuting. Obviously I don’t and instead just apply hand sanatizer lots throughout the day. I go through one a month and like scented ones like this from the Body Shop or my current favourite from Soap & Glory. I find the normal ones too chemically/vodka smelling. I do find that my hands dry out more than usual because of how much hand sanitizer I use so I always have a hand moisture in my beauty bag too. Clarins is a firm favourite of mine but I also love Crabtree & Evelyn and The Body Shop for hand creams.

The other non makeup product is my Simple Eye Roll-On which I often use at 4pm alongside a can of Diet Coke when I’m starting to flag. After staring at computer screen for the majority of the day I often need to refresh my eyes and this product does just that.

There’s a wee bit of luxury in the form of my brown eyeliner which often doesn’t budge throughout the day but I like to re-add a bit if I’m off on the razzle and a bold lip which I often apply after a glass or two. All my bits and bobs are incased in my favourite Oliver Bonas Alpahebet bag which can fit loads, including my favourite handbag scent, Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

My must have every day essentials:
Oliver Bonas Alpahabet Makeup Bag
Chanel Precision Eye Definer in Brun
Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt perfume
Soap & Glory Hand Maid Sanitiser
Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer
Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream
Blistex Moisture Max Lip Balm
 Simple Eye Roll-On
Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Eco Tools Powder Brush

Highs of the week #10

As you read this I’ll be relaxing in a spa with my mum, oh Sundays. I’m in Center Parcs for the weekend with my family celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday. I’m sure it will feature heavily in next week’s Highs of The Week.

This week I’ve had some super exciting professional news which I’ll share with you all soon. I’m also really enjoying blogging on and I’ve got some blogs coming up on Metro Online too so my creative side is very happy at the moment. I’ve have been flagging a little with my exercise and healthy eating schedule this week but nobody’s perfect ey? Alongside copious amounts of Milkway Buttons and immersing myself in the world of Silent Witness (Forensic Scientist is another dream job of mine) here’s what I else I’ve been loving this week:

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Recipe Of The Week: Gluten Free Scotch Pancakes


Since finding this recipe at the start of 2015 I’ve made these Gluten Free Scotch Pancakes every Sunday without fail. Joe thinks they are ‘delicious’ and can’t quite believe what a pancake expert I am. They are the perfect treat after my long run on a Sunday morning and they aren’t too bad in terms of calorie intake. In fact, they hardly contain any sugar just two teaspoons!

I use the Doves Farm recipe for my pancakes but there are lots of alternatives out there. I like this gluten free option as you hardly need any ingredients and they are super quick to make.

I like to use a handheld electronic whisk to ensure the pancake mixture is lump free and use a mini crepe frying pan to get perfectly sized Scotch pancakes.

So quick and easy to make and very delicious. I add Nutella and banana to mine, but you can add whatever you choose!


Thinking of starting a blog? You should

When it comes to my blog the most common question I get asked is: ‘How do I start my own?’

It’s always so lovely to hear positive comments about my blog, whether that be through conversations face-to-face with friends or through online conversations with strangers. On NYE a good friend of mine pulled out her own Oliver Bonas Alphabet Make Up Bag, that she bought after seeing my own on my blog. Complete strangers have bought my favourite makeup goodies after reading about how much I love them and most importantly I’ve been told how people have related to me, particularly when I’ve wrote one of those deeper pieces… y’all know the ones!

But as a PT amateur blogger what always makes me smile the most and feel all fuzzy inside is when a friend of mine tells me that they want to start their own blog. I’m not sure whether it’s really me thats behind this influence, but just knowing someone wants to try something new that for me, brings so much pleasure, is wonderful.

I’m lucky to have incredible friends from every different background you could imagine. Amongst my friends I’ve got yummy mummies, teachers, fashion experts, beauty experts, nurses and lots of people who’s lives are so interesting I think they’d give the Kardashians a run for their money.

I think every single friend of mine would make a fantastic blogger and have so much to write about. But yes, blogging is scary and taking that first leap into the online world is terrifying. You’re putting your life out there to be judged by all and you’ve just gotta go with it.

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Highs of the week #9

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 19.04.30

So this week I’ve been exhausted. Like, really really tired. Gone is the ‘let’s do 2015’ attitude I adopted in the first few weeks of January. I’m still blogging and running lots and of course working the usual 9.30-6, but that spring in my step that you often get at the beginning of a new year is slowly starting to tire. I’ve had an exciting week though and I feel great things are just around the corner. The nights are slowly but surely getting lighter and next weekend I go away with my family and Joe for a much needed weekend of sport and spas (Center Parcs in case you didn’t guess already). I’ve been a wee bit selfish this week and avoided any sort of social activity, opting for bed at 10pm with a hot water bottle instead of seeing friends. But January is just a month for hibernation is it not? Aside from early nights here’s what else I’ve been loving this week.

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Workout Of The Week: Half Marathon Training


My first installment of Workout Of The Week is one that will probably feature a lot on my blog over the next 12 weeks. I’m currently training for the Sheffield Half Marathon and into week 2 of my schedule. It’s gruelling, time-consuming and often the last thing I want to do at 8pm in the evening 3 times a week.

However I know I have to train, I won’t be able to tackle the very hilly course on the 12th April without putting in the hours. I’m much more efficient when I’m doing something where a plan and schedule is involved, I love ticking things off a to-do-list, so using this training schedule from BUPA is really helping me. There is something very satisfying about going on a run, returning home to a onesie and a hot chocolate and ticking off another day of training.

I guess I do like to call myself a jogger, note I said jogger and not runner! I have two 10ks under my running belt and early last year I was running 2/3 times a week. However, I am a bit of a fair weather runner though so since November I haven’t really run at all and in the first few runs I could really feel it in my legs and chest. But with each run it is getting easier and more enjoyable.

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