Christmas & NYE roundup

Christmas & NYE Roundup

So it’s been a good ol’ while since I last posted on here, okay so it’s only two weeks but in the blogging world that’s a really long time. I thought I’d give myself a bit of a detox from the whole blogging & social media world, and as I’ve had two weeks of annual leave from my real job I thought I’d give myself a proper break from, well, everything.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas and NYE! Mine was let’s say, a bit of a mixed bag, a pretty catastrophic personal issue (fyi I am really sorry if you get bored/frustrated of me referring to my ‘personal issues’ I don’t like sharing everything and unless your one of my best friends/family member you’re not gonna find out, sorry!) rocked my festive boat this year and I almost cancelled Christmas, but in true Hollywood style everything was resolved on Christmas Eve. I want to thank all my amazing friends and family who have been so wonderful over the last two weeks, I am so spoiled to have such an amazing support system. I love you all.

Anyway, back onto festivities, I was thoroughly spoilt in love and presents this year. I know many of you might be expecting a run down of all my wonderful gifts in this post but, sorry, you won’t be getting it. When I rejoined the social media world after Christmas I had some serious backtracking to do though the various social media feeds to catch up with everyone’s coming and goings. It seems like y’all had a wonderful Christmas but I found the uploads of 1000+ presents under a tree and humongous portions of Christmas dinner all a bit grotesque. Sorry for sounding a bit like Scrooge here but I just found all the ‘look what I got’ ‘look what my family can afford’ all a bit much. I have to say I had a very good Christmas, all my gifts were incredibly thoughtful and lovely and my mother who is an excellent cook really nailed a Jan special with the Christmas dinner, but I felt/feel no need to brag and showcase all of this with you.

I realised over Christmas how incredibly lucky I am and I don’t measure this in the amount of Whistles and Clarins goodies I got, it’s in the strong support and love I have around me. I planned to write a ‘Highs of The Week #Christmas Edition’ but when I started writing my list the top 5 were all personal moments I shared with a family member or friend. Real memories from a Christmas surrounded by good friends and my family. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older but for me Christmas and NYE this year wasn’t about the presents, instead it was all about my friends and family. And you know what, amongst all the images of masses of presents and sausages wrapped in bacon I saw lots of selfie sticks (clearly the present of 2014) capturing moments of families and friends sharing a special moment. So maybe we’re all just big softies? Here’s to a wonderful 2015, invest in your friends and family because if you’re careful they last a lot longer and they’re more special than anything you’ll find under a Christmas tree. Oh unless it’s puppy.


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