Goals for 2015


Okay, so I know what you’re thinking “not another blogger writing about detoxes and early morning yoga.” But the thing is, when I write something down, especially on my blog I find I’m 99% more likely to achieve it. I’m one of those gals who loves a to-do-list and ticking of those completed tasks even more. My blog is basically my online diary which I love sharing with you all, and by listing my goals for 2015 and reading many of yours I hope we can motivate, encourage and inspire each other.

1. Write my book
If you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably know already that I’m writing a book. The idea, characters and first 10 chapters are nestled away in the back of my brain waiting to be put on paper. I’ve started, stopped and started again lots over the past year and often loose motivation quickly as there is nothing immediate about writing a book. When it comes to blogging I get an idea, research, write and publish all within one day, when writing my book I can never see the finish line. But I’ve promised this will be the year I write it so I’ve set a few evenings aside in my week and a few hours on a Sunday to really dedicate myself . Fingers and toes crossed!

2. Blog, blog, blog
I know I’m still very much a novice when it comes to blogging and I haven’t go nowhere near the readership of many other blogs but writing and sharing content on maryoliviahickey.com is one of my favourite things to do. It’s my hobby, my passion and my daily escapism. Whenever a friend or reader tells me they love my blog, they’ve changed a habit or bought something I’ve recommend it makes me smile all day. I don’t really mind if my blog never really lifts off I just want to post more, inspire more and share content that really reflects me. Here’s to another year of blogging and thank you to all your support in 2014.

3. #YearOfTheBody
Myself and my good friend Carly have decided to make 2015 the year of the body. (We also felt the need to include a #, why, I’m not too sure.) No, I won’t be going on some drastic diet and drinking only liquids for weeks on end. I love food too much. I am however completly cutting out gluten as it has snuck back into my diet a little towards the end of 2014, exercising more frequently (my first half marathon is in April eeeek!) cutting down on alcohol including a dry January and just looking at food as fuel and really considering what I actually put in my body. I want to get fit not skinny, I’m actually quite happy with my body at the moment but I want to see a change in my skin, hair and energy levels. Please do share any dietary and exercise tips, I’d love to hear from you.

4. Learn to cook
Okay, so I can follow a recipe and serve a fairly decent meal but what I want to do in 2015 is really learn to cook. I want to experiment with new dishes, cook healthy meals from scratch and actually take time out of my day to enjoy cooking. I’m a bit of a throw something pre-cooked in the oven kinda gal and I never often enjoy the taste of things. My mum and sister are both wonderful cooks so I learnt lots from them over the Christmas break. I’ve armed myself with cook books and new kitchen ustensils and I’m ready to try something new. Joe thank you for being my willing guiena pig, I hope I don’t poison you!

5. Invest time in my real friends
I’ve thoroughly learnt who my real friends are in 2014 and I’ve realised how many people in my life actually made me feel really crap about myself despite me making an effort to see them. I used to be obessed with people liking me and people pleasing and it had a really negative affect on me, pretending to be something I’m not exhausted me. I now have just a handful of close girlfriends who I am completely myself in front of and they love me for me. I need to make sure that I invest more time and care into those relationships, some live on the other side of the world so I expect I’ll be on Skype lots in 2015!

6. Improve my geography
So I only realised Africa was a continent rather than a country in 2013, I’m serious. How I ever managed to secure both a Degree and a Post Grad Degree baffles me and my family. For Christmas my mum brought me a Young Learner’s Atlas aimed at ages 7+ and I’m determined to immerse myself in it and other maps over the next 12 months and learn where everything actually is. So far I’ve learned that Timbuktu and Kazakhstan are real countries, not in fact made up, and where the Sahara Desert actually is. My mum will be testing my knowledge over Christmas this year, I’ve promised to learn all the countries and capitals of the world. Yikes.

7. Volunteer more
I felt very spoilt this Christmas, not just by presents but by the love and support I have around me. I mentioned this in my last post, and I’ve realised how bloody lucky I am. I want to volunteer more with people less fortunate than myself, animals included and I aim to volunteer a day every month. If anyone knows of any great charities or volunteering experiences please do let me know.

8. Go on a European break
I’ve never actually been on a proper European break in my adult life. I last went to Paris on a school trip in Year 6 where me and my best friend Jordan were more bothered about the prospect of periods (**OMG what if just suddenly starts and blood comes gushing out of me**) than the Eiffel Tower. I want to visit Florence, Amsterdam, Rome and Venice maybe not in that order and not all in 2015 but I do want to start making my way around Europe, I’ll take my Young Learners Atlas along with me too.

9. Cut down on alcohol
This will be one of the hardest goals to achieve as I love a white wine spritzer on a Friday night. I’m actually not a big drinker I only usually drink Thurs-Sun but working in London one drink after work often turns into 3 and I often consume a bottle of wine over two nights at the weekend (see not a lot really) but I’ve found that alcohol is one of the biggest irritants of my Scalp Psoriasis. It gets really angry and sore the morning after I’ve drank and I’m discovering it’s just not worth it. My psoriasis is something I’m incredibly self conscious of and I often have to try and work a hideous Boris Johnson inspired side parting to try and disguise it. I’m hoping it really calms down after an alcohol free month.

10. Worry less
Most definitely the hardest and one I will definitely not achieve all the time but I really want to try. I’m a big worrier, and my boyfriend is so laid back it is even more apparent in my relationship. It affects me both physically (oh hello worry acne) and mentally and there really is no need for it. I often wake Joe up in the middle of night to see if he’s worrying about paying the rent and whether or not his alarm will go off early enough. He never is. He’s taught me so much about not worrying what others think and the fact that tossing and turning all night about something will never change the outcome. I intend to read more self-help books, take time out of my day to switch off and relax and always ask myself during a bout of worrying ‘will it matter in a year?’

I would love to hear some of your resolutions so do get in touch. x


7 thoughts on “Goals for 2015

  1. swatikishore757 says:

    Completely agree with you about the food thing; most people are obsessed with eating the right kind of food just because they want to lose weight, get skinny etc They don’t realize that a good diet can improve your thoughts, energy level, etc.

  2. kathrynsliving says:

    Love your goals!
    Thoughts on #yearofthebody- during the past 6 months I’ve cut down my sugar intake a lot after all the hype about sugar recently, and after reading this book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sweet-Nothing-Nicole-Mowbray/dp/140915484X.
    I’ve always eaten ‘healthily’ i.e. not a lot of fast food/sweets/would go for the ‘low-fat’ options, and didn’t realise that consequently, the majority of my diet was sugar. Since cutting it way down (and so also cutting a lot of gluten out too, which would suit you), I’ve noticed a massive difference- fuller for longer, more energy, and less bloated.
    So I’d definitely advise this if you want to feel more healthy 🙂 plus you can eat a ton more delicious foods like avocado, eggs, salmon… amazing!

      • kathrynsliving says:

        I have a massive sweet tooth too- I eat a lot of dark chocolate now/ follow the ‘clean eating’ recipes which use alternatives 🙂
        And of course, I haven’t cut it out 100% as I could never stick to that! haha.

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