Highs of the week #7

Highs of the week #7

My first Highs of the Week of 2015 is here! It’s been a tough one deciding what makes the cut as I got so many delicious treats for Christmas, ate the yummiest of food and I’ve had a wee dabble in the sales… I’ve also had some magical moments with friends, family and my boyfriend so I could literally list 100 highs this week. Here are the real standouts for me.

I am LOVING my new Microlight Alpine Rab Jacket, I was starting to feel a little left out as everyone in my family has one and I found this dream in the Snow & Rock Sale. They also price matched an even cheaper one I found online – babes. My weekend style has really changed over the last few months, whilst I remain a loyal fan of Whistles, H&M and Mango for work wear I have found at the weekends I mainly wear gym clothes. I stick out like a sore thumb on Brentwood High Street in my sports leggings, oversized jumper and trainers but this kinda outfit is perfect for weekend chores and encourages me to go to the gym when I get a spare hour. This RAB coat is perfect for my new weekend look, it’s insanely warm and fits me perfectly. I expect I’ll be wearing all through January to March.

I am reading Women’s Health for the first time this month after opting for it over my usual Cosmopolitan. Mille Mackintosh’s abs kinda drew me in and I thought it would be the perfect partner for my new #YearOfTheBody goal for 2015. I’ve got a half marathon around the corner, I’m on a 30 Days of Yoga Challenge with my favourite online Yoga YouTuber, Adriene and it’s already inspired me to include more fitness and health in my blog. Stay tuned!

I am watching and let me say obsessed with Scandal starring Kerry Washington. I guessed I’d be a fan as it’s produced by Shonda Rhimes the creator of my all time favourite TV show Grey’s Anatomy. I love the fact it’s focused on such a strong female character, Olivia Pope aka Kerry Washington. I love her job, her work wardrobe and her general attitude in life. There’s a scandalous affair, a load of law and lots of murder. Dreamy.

This week I have been wearing my shiny new Chanel eyeliner, a Christmas treat from my sister who knows me oh so well. I often wonder if there is a actually difference between the high end eyeliners and a £2.99 Rimmel bargain. And with this one there actually is. I don’t know if its all a Chanel placebo effect or not but it glides on perfectly, stays put all day and night, and just looks amazing. As I said my big sister knows me very well and bought me Le Crayon Yeux in 02 Brun Teak aka brown as she knows I’m not big on black eyeliner. I highly highly recommend.

Finally I’m loving, after trying and testing, a new shampoo and serum duo treatment from Dead Sea Spa Magik (that’s actually how it’s spelt fyi I am now proofreading my blog!!). I’ve mentioned many times on my blog my constant battle with scalp psoriasis and for all the medicated shampoos, cutting out of food and medicated treatments I use sometimes I think my scalp just needs a really big drink and this is exactly that. I bought this satchet from Holland & Barret, I don’t think you need the large bottles as the formula is so rich you only need to use this treatment once a month. The Mineral Shampoo is just used as normal, and the Hair Magic Serum needs to be used all over scalp and left on for 2-5 minutes. I left mine in for 20 mins and wrapped my hair in a towel – I would highly recommend it. The result: Super sleek and shiny hair and very soothed scalp. This isn’t actually marketed at psoriasis sufferers so I would recommend it to anyone who just needs to rejuvenate their hair and really spoil it. Let me know what you think!

Have a good week x


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