What’s in store for maryoliviahickey.com in 2015?

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I’ve got both my fingers and toes crossed that 2015 is going to big a year for my blog. Over the Christmas holiday I did have a ‘break’ from the world of blogging but it didn’t stop my manic mind scribbling idea after idea down on the back of old Christmas cards.

Here’s some of my ideas and what you can expect from maryoliviahickey.com in 2015.

Weekly posts
I’ve learnt recently that scheduling posts is a really important aspect of blogging. I often scribble something down on my blog on a Sunday night and throw it out into the online world and hope people enjoy it. This year I will be managing when my blog posts are actually published and also ensure my readers know what/when to expect on my blog.

Every Tuesday at 6pm I will be publishing what I like to call a more personal post. You know the kind of post I’m referring to, one of the deeper ones, think Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online, Success vs Happiness and A Reflection.

Every Thursday at 6pm I’ll be alternating between Workout of the Week and Recipe of the Week. Both are bid for me to actually commit to exercise and healthy eating this year and I find so much encouragement and motivation from other blogs so I hope I can do the same for you. I’ll be featuring my half marathon training, gluten free dishes and my challenge to finally say goodbye to my bingo wings which still seem to be clinging on from my, ahem, larger days.

On Sundays at 10am you’ll get my Highs of The Week, I love a good blogging binge with a cuppa tea in bed on a Sunday morning so I hope you enjoy reading my highlights of the week over brunch.

This is where it get’s a little more complicated.. On the second and fourth Monday of every month I’ll be focusing on more beauty/style/homewear related content. Bare with me, I’m no photographer and the only device I have at the moment is my trusty IPhone5 which I fear needs to go into early retirement soon! I share the occasional #OOTD on my Instagram page so head over there if style is your kinda thing. A wee bit of disclaimer jargon here.. All the products I feature on here are MINE, I only ever freature products that I love and use all the time. No PR stunts here, I promise.

Aside from my three weekly posts and beauty/style related content I will of course feauture anything else that crops into my head on my hour long commute to work. Whislt I hope my blog grows this year I will remain true to myself and you, my readers. I only post content that I would like to read so not everything will be for you, but we can’t all like everything can we?

Be prepared for lots of half marathon training updates, complaints about my boyfriend including his gas issues (seriously every time he drinks milk he clears a room), my obsession with all things Clarins, Whistles clothes and the fact I’m quite happy being a 24 year granny. Blankie and box sets over the Sugar Hut? Everytime.

I must say, aside from Harry Potter I’m no expert in anything really and I don’t pretend to be but if you would like me to focus on something that a twenty-something gal can relate to let me know. Drop me a tweet @maryoliviahicks or send me an email maryoliviablogs@gmail.com.

See you all on maryoliviahickey.com, I hope you enjoy.



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