Recipe Of The Week: Gluten & Guilt Free Pizza


As I mentioned on Monday, every Thursday I’ll be posting my favourite recipe and workout of the week. I won’t be giving you actual recipes or a step-by-step guide because I am definitely no expert when it comes to the culinary arts! (Not yet anyway). Instead I’ll be sharing a recipe that I’ve experimented with and really enjoyed. As I said in My Goals for 2015 I really want to learn to cook this year so I’ll be trying lots of yummy dishes and sharing my favourites with you!

As this is my first recipe of the week I think I should share a few things with you…

1. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth I love chocolate and cake so expect a lot of baked goods.
2. I’m very picky about meat, I don’t eat a lot and I don’t eat lamb, rare meat or any other baby animals.
3. I’m gluten/wheat free so all of my recipes will be but if you like anything you see I’m sure you can use a delicious wheat filled alternative.
4. Most importantly, I’m new to all of this so don’t expect any super technical dishes!
5. All of these recipes will be cooked, tried and tested by me. My sous chef, Joe may help from time to time but I’ll always give him credit if he does. I’ll be sharing favourites from books, websites, my mum, sister, other family and friends. Give me a few months before I start offering up my own inventions!

Gluten & Guilt Free Pizza

My favourite dish from this week comes from Warburton’s Newburn Bakehouse Gluten free & Wheat Free Range. They have a great range of products and their website offers a lots of ways to use them. I chose their Gluten Free Pizza using their wraps for my first venture into the world of cooking. (Such a basic bitch).

I fiddled with the toppings a little. Instead of chicken and tomatoes, I threw spring onion, light cheddar, chorizo, green peppers and mushroom onto mine after browning them off a little on the grill beforehand. I also added pesto, just because it looks pretty and tastes so good.

I can’t tell you how delicious they are and super easy to make. I really enjoyed making them and Joe was very impressed.

I will definitely be cooking these again next week as it’s a great dish to eat after an evening run.

Get the recipe here.

Yum x


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