Highs of the week #8

Highs of the Week #8 (Final)

This week was the first week back at work after Christmas. I’m exhausted, missing my lie ins and being able to wear pyjamas all day. Secretly, I love being back in a routine, but with a work, half-marathon training and blogging schedule to keep up with any little time I have to myself is spent snuggling up on the sofa in a onesie watching Scandal. Here’s what else I’ve been loving this week.

Of course I’m watching Broadchurch, but I don’t need to tell y’all how amazing it is because all of you obviously agree. Something a little more lighthearted which I’m so glad is back for a third series is The Last Tango in Halifax. I love this programme for multiple reasons, but most especially because it reminds me of home. I can completly relate to that big busy family life where you all love each dearly but it’s just always one thing after the other. The Northern accents make me so happy and Anne Reid reminds me of my Nana Ross.

I’m wearing my Pink Ultimate Yoga Pants almost every evening at the moment instead of my usual joggers. I’m taking part in 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene most evenings (when I’m not running) and these are perfect for all those downward dogs and child poses. These are very expensive but I bought them in a sale after the sales assistant in Victorias Secret told me I was a size small. In fact, I nearly bought the whole shop (I’m sure that’s a very popular selling technique but it worked for me). They are super comfy and the waist band ensures my love handles fit into the pants instead of spilling out so there’s no muffin tops on show. At the rate I’m wearing these I may have to invest in another pair.

This week I bought some goodies in the Paperchase sale after spotting these two treats on my lunch break. I love the copper photo frame, I can’t find it anywhere online but I picked it up for £8.00…I think. Copper is one of my favourite home wear colours and I love how it looks against my black mantlepiece. I needed a frame for this photo of me and Joe in Santorini and this frame definitely brings out Joe’s ears. I also picked up the candle holder for £3.00 and I’ve opted to use as a makeup brush holder. Super chic and fits all my beloved brushes perfectly.

This week I finally used my Jo Malone candle which was a gift from Joe for Christmas. I’ve been too scared to open it because it’s so beautiful and I want to save it! I’ve got the classic, Lime Basil & Mandarin. It’s the most beautiful candle I’ve ever owned. Such a fresh, subtle and delicate smell. I’m saving it for special occasions and Saturday night curled up in my onesie seemed like the perfect occasion!

As you can probably tell, this week when I haven’t been running, working or blogging I’ve been snuggling or nesting as I also like to call it. Every night this week I’ve had a Galaxy hot chocolate before bed and they’ve sent me off into the perfect night sleep. I’m trying to be as good as I can when it comes to my diet and avoiding chocolate but liquid chocolate isn’t real chocolate is it? Joe always adds milk when he makes them (which he always does) making them super creamy and delicious. It’s the perfect partner on a cold, blustery night. Dreamy.

Have a lovely Sunday x.


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