Thinking of starting a blog? You should

When it comes to my blog the most common question I get asked is: ‘How do I start my own?’

It’s always so lovely to hear positive comments about my blog, whether that be through conversations face-to-face with friends or through online conversations with strangers. On NYE a good friend of mine pulled out her own Oliver Bonas Alphabet Make Up Bag, that she bought after seeing my own on my blog. Complete strangers have bought my favourite makeup goodies after reading about how much I love them and most importantly I’ve been told how people have related to me, particularly when I’ve wrote one of those deeper pieces… y’all know the ones!

But as a PT amateur blogger what always makes me smile the most and feel all fuzzy inside is when a friend of mine tells me that they want to start their own blog. I’m not sure whether it’s really me thats behind this influence, but just knowing someone wants to try something new that for me, brings so much pleasure, is wonderful.

I’m lucky to have incredible friends from every different background you could imagine. Amongst my friends I’ve got yummy mummies, teachers, fashion experts, beauty experts, nurses and lots of people who’s lives are so interesting I think they’d give the Kardashians a run for their money.

I think every single friend of mine would make a fantastic blogger and have so much to write about. But yes, blogging is scary and taking that first leap into the online world is terrifying. You’re putting your life out there to be judged by all and you’ve just gotta go with it.

I often cringe when I see someone I used to kinda know ‘like’ my blog, thinking to myself ‘OMG they know about that thing I did yesterday’ I often also worry that people think I’m incredibly self centred, materialistic and a bit of brag really. That’s because on I write about myself, show off all the things I’ve bought and and tell everyone how wonderful my week has been. I’ve mentioned already on my blog that I’ve backed off from sharing all my deep and dark secrets because somethings should just be saved for conversations with my Mom! But many of my favourite blogs do delve into some of the deep stuff and I never judge them or think they’re attention seeking, I just go with and enjoy immersing myself in someone else’s life. It’s an escapism. I just hope people feel the same about my blog.

I want to urge anyone who is toeing the start line of the blogging world to just go with it. It’s a wonderful, passionate, immersive and interesting world to be in. Sometimes when I post a blog I think just 3 people will read it, and at first, you’ll be lucky to get 3 but you’ll find your stride and anyway who cares how much traffic you get? Just enjoy it and be honest.

My biggest tip for anyone who wants to start a blog is be genuine and be yourself, all the fancy photography and eye-catching aesthetics will come with time. You need to be you and only, your first handful of readers will be your closest friends and family and if they’re reading content that’s completely separate from you and who you are they’re not going to believe it and you won’t be able to keep it up for long anyway. Don’t try to be cute like Zoella, completley relatable like Hannah Gale or hilarious like Lauren Rellis. Be you. With blogging so ‘in’ right now you need a niche and with a blog you’ve already got a bloody great niche waiting to get started, there’s only one of you, your niche is YOU. Just go for it.


A quick note: If anyone wants a few basic technical tips on starting a blog, i.e. getting your head round WordPress, web design and a domain name let me know. It will cost you a brew and 2 biscuits, okay maybe 3.


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