Highs of the week #10

As you read this I’ll be relaxing in a spa with my mum, oh Sundays. I’m in Center Parcs for the weekend with my family celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday. I’m sure it will feature heavily in next week’s Highs of The Week.

This week I’ve had some super exciting professional news which I’ll share with you all soon. I’m also really enjoying blogging on maryoliviahickey.com and I’ve got some blogs coming up on Metro Online too so my creative side is very happy at the moment. I’ve have been flagging a little with my exercise and healthy eating schedule this week but nobody’s perfect ey? Alongside copious amounts of Milkway Buttons and immersing myself in the world of Silent Witness (Forensic Scientist is another dream job of mine) here’s what I else I’ve been loving this week:

I mentioned earlier this week that I’d bought a Lumie Light and I am so glad I did. I have to admit I’ve struggled techincally with it. Joe has spent several hours teaching me how to use it and I still need him to set the alarm for me. It’s lovely to wake up to a warm light rather than the barking alarm on my iPhone. I haven’t gone for a 6am run just yet but I will be once it get’s a little warmer. I especially love my Lumie Light in the evenings, I read untill I can’t see my book anymore and drift off into a perfect deep sleep. It is super pricey but I’ve been sleeping so much better and highly recommend it!

I’m reading, for the second time Running Like A Girl by Alexandra Heminsley, I only ever re-read books I really love (I’ve re-read the HP books at least 50+ times). This book really inspired me to get into running when I first read it and I’m hoping it re-inspires me to get ontop of my half marathon training. It’s a wonderful insight into the life of a woman who had never run longer than 1 mile then one day entered the London Marathon. Tears, tantrums, falls and personal struggle. Oh and she’s hilarious too.

Last week my mum sent me a wee treat that she said I’d find useful. I thought it was a 2015 organiser (and secretly hoped it was) instead she sent me a beautiful Whistles Cashmere dress. It’s a beautiful dark grey and fits me perfectly I want to live in it and I would if it wasn’t sure a ball ache to wash. Thank you Mommy!

Botanics you have done it again. I may sound like a broken record but my love affair with this Boots range is continuing to blossom. I picked up their Relaxing Body Souffle in the clearance section of Boots and I am loving it. It’s very thick but easily absorbs into skin and smells very natural. I’m super sad my Korres Body Butter has ran out, but this is the perfect sub for time being.

Have a lovely Sunday x


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