A blogging update…

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I haven’t posted in about a month. In the blogging world a month is kinda a long time. I’ve been meaning to write this for over a week now but I keep getting distracted by Teen Mom 2, pancakes and the joy of going to bed before 9pm with a hot water bottle.

But I’ve got an hour or two before Broadchurch so I thought I’d update you all on my blog and me. I’ve probably set this up as a negative post but it’s completely the opposite. I’m not 100% sure why I haven’t blogged in a while, there’s been no conscious decision on my part to take a break, I guess it just happened naturally on the back of me landing my dream job and completely investing all my time and energy into that. But it’s been two weeks now and I can’t use the excuse of me being mentally exhausted anymore.

I thought it might be beneficial for me, as ironic as this sounds, to blog about why I haven’t blogged in a while. Perhaps you and I will both discover why as I unfurl my thoughts down on paper.

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Highs of the week #11


So this post is a day late and I didn’t post on Tuesday or Thursday but I have been SUPER busy over the last few days. I realise now that I was probably a wee bit over ambitious early this year when I promised 3-4 posts a week. It’s just not very doable alongside working full time and training for a half marathon. I’m going to try and maintain it is a much as I can but I want my blog to be my hobby again and nothing something I view as a chore! I’ve slacked with both my blog and running this week but I’ve had a really exciting week professionally and I just wanted to celebrate in front of Scandal. My highs this week could be those of a teen going to back to school for a new term, but y’all know how I feel about Paperchase.

Love Tanya
Tanya Burr is a beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger I’ve only recently started following. I really enjoy her vlogs and getting an insight into her super glamorous life, I’ve learnt lots of makeup tips from her and I think she’s the kind of girl I’d get on well with in real life. Her book is semi-autobiography, semi-beauty guide and packed full of blogging and style tips. It’s actually a really beautiful looking book and it’s a keepsake I’m sure I’ll enjoy for a long time.

Spring Make-up
I hate the colour pink. I never wear anything pink and nothing in my home is pink. The one time I do like pink is when it comes make-up. (Oh an pencil cases it seems) I got a bit over-excited yesterday when the sun was out and bought some springy makeup. The blush is L’oreal and works perfectly on my olive skin and the Bourjois Color Boost Lipstick has got me all excited for picnics in the park.

Serial Podcast
OMG I am obsessed. I can’t believe I didn’t start this earlier. My boyfriend recommended it to me and I’ve seen a few friends raving about in on social media. It’s perfect for my commute and constantly keeps me on the edge of my train seat. Download immediately.

Paperchase Haul
After receiving some super exciting professional news last week I decided to treat myself to some Paperchase goodies. I love their notepads and diaries and their valentines range is particularly beautiful this year. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into new challenges with my new bits. I’m 13 all over again.

Have a lovely week x