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Mary Olivia Hat & Horse Joe & Me Mary Olivia 

Hello and welcome to my blog. I would argue that this part is always the most difficult to write. In just a few sentences I have to sum up my blog and encourage you to read on so here goes…

I’m Mary Olivia, I am twenty-four and originally from Sheffield. I now live in Brentwood (Essex not LA) with my boyfriend Joe. I love animals, Whistles, Swedish homeware, beauty products, cashmere and candles.

I first built this blog when I was 19 years old and studying journalism at Kingston University. This blog is quite simply an explosion of my thoughts, dreams, fears and day-to-day activities. I feature beauty & fashion, listicles, homeware, wellbeing tips and also more personal focused content on anything from anxiety to feminism.

So what is the whole point of maryoliviahickey.com?  Well. it’s taken me a while and lots of research to get there but I now realise I simply want to make people feel better from reading my writing. My strongest attribute is my empathy for others and this is what I’ve tried to achieve on my blog.

Here you will find topics that you can hopefully relate to. All my life I have suffered from anxiety, body hangups, self-doubt and an overwhelming obsession to succeed. But I have also experienced incredible happiness, love, achievement and wonderful experiences and I want to share it all with you. Whether you’re a friend, family member of you’ve stumbled across me, I’m glad you’re with me.

Please feel free to get in touch, I would love to hear from you. Tweet me @maryoliviahicks or drop me an email at maryoliviablogs@gmail.com.



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