Thinking of starting a blog? You should

When it comes to my blog the most common question I get asked is: ‘How do I start my own?’

It’s always so lovely to hear positive comments about my blog, whether that be through conversations face-to-face with friends or through online conversations with strangers. On NYE a good friend of mine pulled out her own Oliver Bonas Alphabet Make Up Bag, that she bought after seeing my own on my blog. Complete strangers have bought my favourite makeup goodies after reading about how much I love them and most importantly I’ve been told how people have related to me, particularly when I’ve wrote one of those deeper pieces… y’all know the ones!

But as a PT amateur blogger what always makes me smile the most and feel all fuzzy inside is when a friend of mine tells me that they want to start their own blog. I’m not sure whether it’s really me thats behind this influence, but just knowing someone wants to try something new that for me, brings so much pleasure, is wonderful.

I’m lucky to have incredible friends from every different background you could imagine. Amongst my friends I’ve got yummy mummies, teachers, fashion experts, beauty experts, nurses and lots of people who’s lives are so interesting I think they’d give the Kardashians a run for their money.

I think every single friend of mine would make a fantastic blogger and have so much to write about. But yes, blogging is scary and taking that first leap into the online world is terrifying. You’re putting your life out there to be judged by all and you’ve just gotta go with it.

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What working full time and blogging really looks like


Right here I should really include a photo of me looking slightly dishevelled, exhausted, a little fraught but happy. But non of y’all really need to see that do you? I do however want to give you a little insight into what it’s like to work full time and run a blog, fyi I’m also training for a half marathon at the moment too so I am busier than usual.

I don’t know if all of my readers realise I actually work as well as blog. I know that for many of my favourite bloggers including Lily Pebbles, Vivanna Does Makeup and Hannah Gale their blog is their actual job. It’s their business, their baby and their livelihood I can’t even imagine how hard they’ve worked to get there. My blog is just a side project to my real job, a kind of hobby that takes up a lot of my social time and almost all of my thinking time.

This is why my blog, in comparison to the super duper blogs of those I’ve just mentioned is very much behind and no where near as beautiful or interesting. If blogs were teenagers in the playground the likes of Kate’s Gh0st Parties, Zoella and Essie Button would be super hot mega babes and the most popular girls in school. Mary Olivia Hickey would be that awkward wannabe trying to pull off blue eyeshadow, with a monobrow and toilet roll stuck to her shoe. She’d be the girl following the crowd and trying to keep up with everyone else, she’d be well liked but not included on the guest list to the best parties and nobody would want to pair up with her to discuss favelas in Geography. But I’m really routing for her, I want her to do well, gain confidence and realise she doesn’t need to fit in she just needs to be herself and try her best.

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My night at Red Magazine’s Book Club

Over a year ago I was invited to an ‘Author Master-Class’ hosted by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Authors including Lindsey Kelk and Victoria Fox were on hand to answer questions from a keen audience made up of aspiring authors, avid Cosmo readers and wannabe bloggers. Being all three I found the event highly enjoyable and inspirational but throughout it I was also terrified. I spent the event cowering in the corner, avoiding the free champagne and canapés and feeling completely out of my depth. I didn’t feel like I belonged in a room of such incredible women.

At the time I had a roughish idea for a first novel, I was temping in the city, tirelessly trying to find a job I actually enjoyed and living with my in-laws. During the Q&A I somehow plucked up the courage to ask an author a question. I can’t quite remember how I phrased it, or the answer (I was too nervous to really take it all in) but overall I found the evening a bit daunting.

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10 things I learnt on holiday

For many of us, holidays are a time for relaxation, reflection and a chance to re-charge the batteries. Whilst I do many of those, my overactive brain also ensures that I spend my days lounging in the sun forward planning, analysing and making many lists on how I can detox my life. I sound like a barrel of laughs don’t I? (Sign up for a holiday with me here…)

I have just returned from a week in Santorini, perhaps the most beautiful place on earth (apart from Sheffield of course). I spent 7 days with my boyfriend, good friends and was lucky enough to witness one of by best friends getting married to the love of her life. It was stunning, the whole week. But I would be lying if I told you I spent the week in blissful happiness, instead there were moments plagued with anxiety and a few tears shed. Why, I’m not sure. But what I did learn is 10 important things about myself.

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