Beauty & Me: Favourite Face Masks

Beauty & Me: Favourite Face masks

I’m a big fan of face masks. I always have been, I have clear memories of being 10 and bringing 99p face masks to friend’s sleepovers and feeling super grown up. Those sugary ‘detox’ masks always dried out my 10 year old skin and did a lot more harm then good, but hey I felt super cool with a bright pink face mask and cucumber on my eyes.

Now that I’m older and that little bit wiser I now have a real understanding of my skin and what it needs. I have the definition of combination skin. My t-zone is oily, my cheeks are dry and my chin and jaw line is very prone to breakouts – lucky me.

I invest a lot of money and time into my skin, my mom has taught me that you only have one set of skin and therefore you should look after it and always consider what you put on it. I feel like I’ve finally nailed a good skin care routine, which I will share with y’all soon. A big part of my routine is a weekly face mask. I use up to two face masks a week, any more brings me out in more spots and as my skin is very sensitive I’m conscious of how much fiddling and fixing I do.

From face masks I need two things: A deep cleanse that unclogs pours and removes all that crap that builds up in the week. And hydration, although my skin is oily it often craves moisture, without hydration my skin can look very dull.

As with every aspect of my life I’m super organised even when it comes to pampering. I use face masks twice a week. At the end of my working week, and on a Sunday so my skin is ready for the week ahead.

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Highs of the week #7

Highs of the week #7

My first Highs of the Week of 2015 is here! It’s been a tough one deciding what makes the cut as I got so many delicious treats for Christmas, ate the yummiest of food and I’ve had a wee dabble in the sales… I’ve also had some magical moments with friends, family and my boyfriend so I could literally list 100 highs this week. Here are the real standouts for me.

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Highs of the week #6

This past week has been an emotional one for me. My hormones have been in full on cray cray mode and a few personal matters have had me on a roller-coaster of tears, anxiety and exhaustion. I’ve consumed a little too much wine and my psoriasis is super angry, I look like I’ve been stood in a snow globe for several hours. Oh well, Christmas is coming and I’ve told myself to snap out of my mood and get back into the festive spirit I had all through October and November, maybe I festively peaked too early? So whilst I’ve been a wee bit blue over the last week a few things have stood out for me…

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Christmas gift guide: 20 gorgeous gifts all under £20

Gift Guide

With Christmas just around the corner now is the time to pick up those last minute treats, or manically rush round buying presents if you haven’t started shopping yet! All the gifts below are my personal recommendations, I’ve tried and tested the lot, some have been sent to me especially for, some I’ve bought myself as a December treat and some are a preview of the gifts I’ll be handing out to friends and family on December 25th.

All the gifts are £20 and under, perfect for family members, girlfriends and Secret Santas. Many of the treats are below £10 and perfect for stocking fillers.

Happy buying!

1. Clinique ‘Makeup Brush Cleanser’
Perfect for beauty lovers, this Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser is the ideal way to wash a collection of makeup brushes. This is one of those gifts that any beauty lover will adore and probably not already own. I find buying makeup for someone else is always risky as it’s a very personal thing, this is the perfect alternative.

2. Beauticology ‘Creamy Marshmallow Frosting Foot Lotion’
The Beauitcology collection from Baylis & Harding is a more affordable and fun alternative to the mother brand. Despite the lower cost, this range doesn’t lack in quality. The Gingerbread Foot Lotion and cozy sock duo is the perfect gift for Christmas. Oh and smells good enough to eat.
£5.00 (Currently 1/3 off in Sainsburys!!)

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Highs of the week #5

Highs of the week #5

So last week was pretty special. I am in full Christmas mode right now and a second, even more special event is not far away, my sisters wedding. Okay, well it’s in the summer but we are currently in the process of getting everything organised. This weekend we headed up home to Sheffield to talk flowers, dresses and drink. Perfect. And here’s a few more treats I’ve loved this week.

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Highs of the week #4

Week #4

I’m writing this on the 1st of December and I don’t think I have ever been so excited about Christmas as I am this year.


Last week I started my Christmas shopping, I love buying gifts for my family, I love wrapping them and scattering the gifts under my tree for a month even more. I LOVE good wrapping paper and this year I headed to Paperchase and bought the most beautiful paper and gift wrap accessory pack. I’m not going to spoil the surprise for my family but let me tell you it’s lovely. So aside from my Christmas playlist, multiple mince pie eating and Christmas market visiting here’s what else I’ve been loving this week.

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