Here is where I will post my personal highs. The idea comes from my time spent at a children’s summer camp in America. Every night before bed we would sit in a circle and tell each other our ‘High of the Day’. It could be anything. Just a special moment we enjoyed from the day. I think we need to spend more time looking back, reflecting and remembering our highs.

High of the Week 1/10/2014
So my high of the day is kind of a high of the month. I adore Autumn, it’s my favourite time of the year for a number of reasons. I love the weather, the fashion, the food and the excitement leading up to Christmas time. I’ve just got a new job and the pay is so much better than my previous role so I’m looking forward to updating my new wardrobe and treating myself. I’ve already added the following to my A/W wardobe:

Mango Check Shirt Dress: http://bit.ly/1oAbJiO 
I bought the red AND the green because I just couldn’t decide. I’ve always had an obsession with check shirts and these dresses are a way for me to smarten up this trend. The colours are perfect for autumn and they are incredibly flattering. I bought the dress in a size 10 so I’m super happy!.

Kurt Geiger Sadie Boot: http://bit.ly/1yzirPV 
I also these bought these beauties at the weekend. I’m a firm believer in buying quality not quantity so I always save for a good pair of boots rather than buying loads of cheapy ones. I like real leather and a chunky, rustic aesthetic and these fit my credentials perfectly. They can be dressed up and down so easily and they are incredibly comfy.

I’ll be heading to Whistles for lots of my A/W fashion this year. I am also hoping to invest in a good ol’ leather bag and some Jo Malone scents. I got a sample of their new Wood Sage & Sea Salt in my Vogue and I love it.

Have a good day y’all x

High of the Week 18/9/2014
Watching this: http://bit.ly/1ATgwRT 


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