Highs of the week #9

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So this week I’ve been exhausted. Like, really really tired. Gone is the ‘let’s do 2015’ attitude I adopted in the first few weeks of January. I’m still blogging and running lots and of course working the usual 9.30-6, but that spring in my step that you often get at the beginning of a new year is slowly starting to tire. I’ve had an exciting week though and I feel great things are just around the corner. The nights are slowly but surely getting lighter and next weekend I go away with my family and Joe for a much needed weekend of sport and spas (Center Parcs in case you didn’t guess already). I’ve been a wee bit selfish this week and avoided any sort of social activity, opting for bed at 10pm with a hot water bottle instead of seeing friends. But January is just a month for hibernation is it not? Aside from early nights here’s what else I’ve been loving this week.

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Workout Of The Week: Half Marathon Training


My first installment of Workout Of The Week is one that will probably feature a lot on my blog over the next 12 weeks. I’m currently training for the Sheffield Half Marathon and into week 2 of my schedule. It’s gruelling, time-consuming and often the last thing I want to do at 8pm in the evening 3 times a week.

However I know I have to train, I won’t be able to tackle the very hilly course on the 12th April without putting in the hours. I’m much more efficient when I’m doing something where a plan and schedule is involved, I love ticking things off a to-do-list, so using this training schedule from BUPA is really helping me. There is something very satisfying about going on a run, returning home to a onesie and a hot chocolate and ticking off another day of training.

I guess I do like to call myself a jogger, note I said jogger and not runner! I have two 10ks under my running belt and early last year I was running 2/3 times a week. However, I am a bit of a fair weather runner though so since November I haven’t really run at all and in the first few runs I could really feel it in my legs and chest. But with each run it is getting easier and more enjoyable.

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What working full time and blogging really looks like


Right here I should really include a photo of me looking slightly dishevelled, exhausted, a little fraught but happy. But non of y’all really need to see that do you? I do however want to give you a little insight into what it’s like to work full time and run a blog, fyi I’m also training for a half marathon at the moment too so I am busier than usual.

I don’t know if all of my readers realise I actually work as well as blog. I know that for many of my favourite bloggers including Lily Pebbles, Vivanna Does Makeup and Hannah Gale their blog is their actual job. It’s their business, their baby and their livelihood I can’t even imagine how hard they’ve worked to get there. My blog is just a side project to my real job, a kind of hobby that takes up a lot of my social time and almost all of my thinking time.

This is why my blog, in comparison to the super duper blogs of those I’ve just mentioned is very much behind and no where near as beautiful or interesting. If blogs were teenagers in the playground the likes of Kate’s Gh0st Parties, Zoella and Essie Button would be super hot mega babes and the most popular girls in school. Mary Olivia Hickey would be that awkward wannabe trying to pull off blue eyeshadow, with a monobrow and toilet roll stuck to her shoe. She’d be the girl following the crowd and trying to keep up with everyone else, she’d be well liked but not included on the guest list to the best parties and nobody would want to pair up with her to discuss favelas in Geography. But I’m really routing for her, I want her to do well, gain confidence and realise she doesn’t need to fit in she just needs to be herself and try her best.

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Beauty & Me: Favourite Face Masks

Beauty & Me: Favourite Face masks

I’m a big fan of face masks. I always have been, I have clear memories of being 10 and bringing 99p face masks to friend’s sleepovers and feeling super grown up. Those sugary ‘detox’ masks always dried out my 10 year old skin and did a lot more harm then good, but hey I felt super cool with a bright pink face mask and cucumber on my eyes.

Now that I’m older and that little bit wiser I now have a real understanding of my skin and what it needs. I have the definition of combination skin. My t-zone is oily, my cheeks are dry and my chin and jaw line is very prone to breakouts – lucky me.

I invest a lot of money and time into my skin, my mom has taught me that you only have one set of skin and therefore you should look after it and always consider what you put on it. I feel like I’ve finally nailed a good skin care routine, which I will share with y’all soon. A big part of my routine is a weekly face mask. I use up to two face masks a week, any more brings me out in more spots and as my skin is very sensitive I’m conscious of how much fiddling and fixing I do.

From face masks I need two things: A deep cleanse that unclogs pours and removes all that crap that builds up in the week. And hydration, although my skin is oily it often craves moisture, without hydration my skin can look very dull.

As with every aspect of my life I’m super organised even when it comes to pampering. I use face masks twice a week. At the end of my working week, and on a Sunday so my skin is ready for the week ahead.

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Highs of the week #8

Highs of the Week #8 (Final)

This week was the first week back at work after Christmas. I’m exhausted, missing my lie ins and being able to wear pyjamas all day. Secretly, I love being back in a routine, but with a work, half-marathon training and blogging schedule to keep up with any little time I have to myself is spent snuggling up on the sofa in a onesie watching Scandal. Here’s what else I’ve been loving this week.

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Recipe Of The Week: Gluten & Guilt Free Pizza


As I mentioned on Monday, every Thursday I’ll be posting my favourite recipe and workout of the week. I won’t be giving you actual recipes or a step-by-step guide because I am definitely no expert when it comes to the culinary arts! (Not yet anyway). Instead I’ll be sharing a recipe that I’ve experimented with and really enjoyed. As I said in My Goals for 2015 I really want to learn to cook this year so I’ll be trying lots of yummy dishes and sharing my favourites with you!

As this is my first recipe of the week I think I should share a few things with you…

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